Roxyanne Young - San Diego Headshot
Roxyanne Young Photo by Janet Bark

Friendly and Approachable

"I hate getting my picture made."

"No seriously, I look terrible in pictures."

"I'm only doing this because my publisher says I have to have a marketing photo and the cell phone selfie I sent her didn't cut it."

These are things my clients have said to me. Some people love having their portrait made, but I find that the majority of the people I work with - creative people, mostly, writers, artists, and so on - aren't the type to seek out attention. They'd rather you pay attention to their latest book project or work of art.

I do my best to set my clients at ease, to develop a rapport, and let them know that I will only ever produce photographs that make them look friendly, approachable, smart, engaging, and confident.

Afterward, this is what I hear:

"That was so much easier than I expected. You made me feel really comfortable!"

"My mother-in-law said this is the best picture anyone has ever taken of me."

"I can't believe how good you made me look. You must have some kind of magic lens on that camera."

My daughter, Danielle Ohumukini, often comes along to assist on location shoots. She's an aspiring photographer and has a great eye for architectural lines and scene structure.

San Diego Headshot Owner Roxyanne Young and Danielle Ohumukini Photo by Janet Bark
Roxyanne Young and Danielle Ohumukini
Photo by Janet Bark

PPA Member - San Diego Headshot
I'm also a member of the Professional Photographers of San Diego County and have served on the board for several years now. I'm currently in charge of our Image Competitions.